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The Energy Club was founded in 2006 by a team composed of students from traditional energy sector companies such as oil & gas, utilities and heavy industry. Shortly after, the Club created its flagship event, the Global Energy Day. With the proliferation of energy generation and consumption in our daily lives, the club participation has since grown to include renewables, waste to energy, emobility, smart grid and energy consulting to name but a few. Through its strong network of energy companies, the IESE Energy Club organises various treks across Europe to educate as much as possible the students about the different opportunities in the energy sector.

Originally focussing on the IESE MBA audience, we now open most of our events either to the students of the IESE Global Executive MBA but also to any energy-enthusiast. The Global Energy Day is the IESE Flagship energy conference and considered as reference in the Barcelona energy eco-system.

Global Energy Day

To be part of the energy community.

For the past 10 years, the Global Energy Day has been the IESE Flagship energy conference to discuss various topics about energy, gathering hundreds of participants.

To understand the new technologies.

Over the past decades, new technologies have impacted the way we produced and consumed energy. The Global Energy Day is going to understand the different implications on March, 27th 2020

To generate disruptive ideas.

With an event designed for the students, professionals and energy-aficionados, the Global Energy Day aims at creating new ideas, discussions that might have a long lasting impact.

There is no better way to know more about the IESE Energy Club than following our blog. We discuss different topics regarding the energy sector but also all the events that we are organising to educate our students about electricity, smart mobility, oil and gas, nuclear, emobility …

Energy Blog

101 on LNG: The importance of natural gas in energy transition to a decarbonized world

As we will be discussing at the IESE Global Energy Day on March 27th , the reduction of renewable energy costs and the penetration of…

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Impact of Coronavirus on the Energy Sector

“Coronavirus, energy?” Over the past few weeks, we have seen the Coronavirus – COVID-19 – having a health and economic impact over the globe. It…

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Leading the Energy Transition: Country Perspective

Imagine you are on the committee responsible for leading the energy transition in your country. What direction and steps would you recommend? This is one…

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Welcome Bulb Spain at IESE

Last week we were delighted to welcome Bulb Spain at IESE campus in Barcelona. Bulb is a 100% renewable energy supplier founded in the UK only 4 years ago. It has since been recognised as UK’s fastest-growing private company for second year running, acquired more than 1.6m customers, raised over £60m in venture capital and certified as a B-Corp. Spain is one of its first expansion markets, and we were lucky to meet some of the team to learn about the industry, disruption and their exciting growth plans.

3D Energy Trends Explained

Three key trends steer the future of the global energy sector, and these are often abbreviated as 3D. In t his short article we provide…

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Kenya’s ambitious energy projects – and what they mean for growth

IESE second year MBA students have recently returned from Africa where they learnt about Kenya’s Energy Projects. The country is at the forefront of renewable…

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Oil and gas situation in East Africa

Some of our students went to Nairobi as part of IESE curriculum. They worked for a week on a consulting project focussed on the oil…

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IESE Global Leadership Series: Carlota Pi, Holaluz

From bar conversation between three friends to recent IPO, Holaluz has grown tremendously in its first decade of existence. Carlota Pi met her co-founders, Oriol Vila and Ferran Nogué, during their IESE Executive MBA, which Carlota…

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Takeaways from BloombergNEF’s Latest Energy Transition Analysis

We are fortunate to share a great piece of analysis from our friends at Bloomberg New Energy Finance. By reading this article you will get…

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Advisory Board

We all know that IESE Business School has many different professional and social clubs. This is very common amongst international business schools. It ranges from…

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