Advisory Board

We all know that IESE Business School has many different professional and social clubs. This is very common amongst international business schools. It ranges from Consulting, Finance or Energy Clubs all the way to the Ski Club – if you’re lucky enough to live next to the mountains just like us – or the Wine Tasting Club – which would be very much needed at IESE and also extremely appreciated ! Compared to the others, the Energy Club is a bit different, especially with its Advisory Board.

We are fortunate enough to have a range of corporate sponsors, that are NaturgyPrimagas and Schneider Electric. Through their on-going excellent support, we are able to organise all the different events, identify key speakers within their organisations and also offer internships and full time offers ! If you want to read more about our sponsors, you can have a look at our dedicated page on our website. It will help you better understand green companies, oil and gas, renewables, and smart grid actors.

What we really wanted to mention here is our Advisory Board. Having sponsors can be also seen with other clubs. If you take for example the IESE Women In Business Club or the IESE Responsible Business Club, they do have sponsors for specific events – WIB Conference and the DGDW Conference. But we are the only club at IESE Business School to count on an Advisory Board. Usually working in the shadows, we are taking this opportunity to explain what they specifically do.


Espen and Gert-Jan giving the awards of the Carbon Footprint Competition

Meeting once a year, the day before our Global Energy Day, the current Advisory Board is composed of the following professionals:

These professionals – not connected to our sponsors – regularly advise the Club on how to run events, target audience or properly define some key metrics of the Energy Club. Through their help, the topic of the Global Energy Day has been defined. Moreover, key speakers for the various events we are holding are also coming from their networks.

And finally, every time they come to Barcelona, they also review the work done by the previous Leadership Team and also advise the new team and remind them that the main mission of the IESE Energy Club is always to support students in their search of internships and jobs in the energy sector.

If you want to see the topic and the speakers the Advisory Board helped us find for the Global Energy Day, why not check out this page ?