Hypergiant: Cross-industry innovation for sustainability

It is not only renewable energies, smart grids or emobility that are hot topics right now. As someone interested in the potential of algae to fight climate change, I came cross a very interesting article few months ago about a bioreactor. I believe this is a great innovation for sustainability. The title could not be more attractive:

New algae-based bioreactor can swallow carbon dioxide 400x faster than trees

Although it was mostly advertised on regional newspaper, the product seems extremely promising. A box full of algae, combined with a bunch of IT stuff and AI is able to become a powerful CO2 sink. You can check it out here: Official page

What’s interesting is not necessarily their use of algae. Now we all know that they can have a great impact on our world in the next decades:

  • CO2 capture;
  • Contaminated soil cleaning;
  • Dietary supplement;
  • Plastic substitute;
  • Biofuel;
  • etc.
algae farm

Algae farm above a highway in Geneva by The Cloud Collective

By 2023, the global market for algae is expected to reach $4 billion. But the key thing that I discovered when scrolling through Hypergiant’s website, is first that the company is really young (founded in 2018) and second that Hypergiant’s focus is mostly space.

Hypergiants focusses on AI within the aerospace industry. In this case, this is the perfect example, where innovations that are used for specific fields can be transposed to others and in this case to fight climate change. The AI is monitoring and managing the light, available CO​2, temperature, PH, biodensity and harvest cycles according to Ben Lamm, Hypergiant Industries’ CEO and founder.

Trees and algae are natural carbon sinks but reforestation can be tricky in most countries because it implies reducing the footprint of agriculture – which is another hot topic. Hypergiant claims Eos Bioreactor is 400 times more efficient than trees. In this case, a one cube meter of algae is as good as 4 km2 of trees !

Combined with affordable CO2 sensors that allow you to know exactly where are the CO2 sources, it would have the potential to strongly mitigate our carbon footprint and could be placed in urban areas.

Eos Bioreactor

Hypergiant’s Eos Bioreactor

But all to say, Hypergiant is definitely a green company to follow and hopefully their bioreactors will be seen across our cities ! If you want to know more about innovation for sustainability, check out our Global Energy Day !