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Behind the IESE Energy Club, there is a group of passionate students willing to share their interest about the energy industry. In addition of the events we organise, we also try to share some insights and wrap ups on this blog. Using a blog is in our opinion the best way to communicate our thoughts and ideas outside the IESE community and who knows reach out to potential speakers for our well-known Global Energy Day! Nevertheless, an other source of insightful of news is our LinkedIn page ! If you like it, don’t forget to refer the IESE Energy Club Blog to your friends and colleagues !

With time and dedication, we would love to grow this blog and help the entire community to contribute.Each one of us has different interests, it can be solar panels, as those seen during class cases, hydroelectric power, wind farm or even hybrid cars ! The main fundamental here is to have a technology-agnostic club. We promote all type of sources, no matter the impact it has on the environment, the economy or society. Climate Change is a world-wide challenge that is embraced by everyone, no matter the industry or the country.

IESE Global Leadership Series: Carlota Pi, Holaluz

From bar conversation between three friends to recent IPOHolaluz has grown tremendously in its first decade of existence. Carlota Pi met her co-founders, Oriol Vila and Ferran Nogué, during their IESE Executive MBA, which Carlota describes as a transformative period in her development as a business leader. The classmates had firstdiscussed their goal of “connecting people to green energy.” Holaluz went public in November with a market cap of EUR 160 million. We were fortunate to hear Carlota speak at IESE last Friday to current MBAs during the Global Leadership Series.


Takeaways from BloombergNEF’s Latest Energy Transition Analysis

We are fortunate to share a great piece of analysis from our friends at Bloomberg New Energy Finance. By reading this article you will get the main key takeaways from BloombergNEF.

Climate change thought leader Michael Liebreich discusses the path to see global fossil fuel emissions peak in the coming decade; check out the comprehensive article here! Liebreich: Peak Emissions Are Closer Than You Think – and Here’s Why. Below are a few takeaways on the future of green energy:


Energy efficiency: This pillar of sustainable energy is finally gaining recognition as a priority in many nations. The collective understanding of how to deliver improvements is much better than that of ten years ago, and there are still many easily achieved measures, such as LED lighting, just waiting to be adopted. The main gap in many parts of the world is still a cultural shift to become less wasteful.


Renewables: Two-thirds of the world’s population currently reside in countries in which wind or solar are the least expensive power resources. The world records for electricity from both wind farms and solar are down to $17/MWh, and are expected to come in below $10/MWh by 2030. And by the end of the next decade, it will be economically ill-advised to construct a new building without solar panels. BNEF predicts that total wind and solar generation will grow from 8.5% of the global energy mix to around 25% by 2030.


E-Mobility: The electrification of our transport systems is happening fast and will continue its rapid growth. Electric vehicles (EVs) in Norway, for example, have already grown from less than 5% to over 50% in the past decade. Even Benz is on the EV bandwagon, developing an electric motor in lieu of the next generation of its combustion engine for the first time in 135 years.


Oil and gas: Over the past two decades, actual oil demand growth has fallen short of pundits’ predictions, a trend which is likely to continue. Companies in the sector have started to wake up to the world’s view on climate change. Spain’s Repsol, for example, has recently promised net zero emissions by 2050. And 13 major companies from the industry have joined the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, which is working to develop low carbon solutions in line with the Paris Agreement.


In sum, progress is happening quite rapidly. These trends are predicted even without a change in significant governmental policy related to climate action, which will also likely see an uptick. The next decade should serve to change the narrative, validating to all that we can alter the climate trajectory, and setting the table for more decisive emissions reductions in the future.

If the topics covering the key takeaways from BloombergNEF interest you, why not attending our Global Energy Day ?

Advisory board

Advisory Board

We all know that IESE Business School has many different professional and social clubs. This is very common amongst international business schools. It ranges from Consulting, Finance or Energy Clubs all the way to the Ski Club – if you’re lucky enough to live next to the mountains just like us – or the Wine Tasting Club – which would be very much needed at IESE and also extremely appreciated ! Compared to the others, the Energy Club is a bit different, especially with its Advisory Board.

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The 5 Things We Learnt from UN COP 25

UN Climate Change COP 25 (‘Conference of Parties’) closed in Madrid last week, which must be a relief for the organisers. It did not get off to a smooth start, with Chilean protests forcing a last-minute move to Europe. And while the logistics have held up, commentators’ widespread opinion is that the summit has failed to reach its objectives.

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Holaluz at IESE

Holaluz at IESE: A Case Study Comes to Life

What a treat and privilege to have met Oriol Vila – one of the three founders of Holaluz at IESE! The school frequently hosts inspiring business leaders, but this event had a twist: the students thought it was just a standard class. One minute we’re discussing an unknown renewable energy start-up in 2012 and debating whether it’s possible to value or grow this tiny loss-making business. And then we find out this ‘hypothetical’ company is none other than Holaluz – Spain’s first online green electricity supplier that’s about to go public and is valued at €160m!

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