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Welcome to the IESE Energy Club Blog !

Behind the IESE Energy Club, there is a group of passionate students willing to share their interest about the energy industry. In addition of the events we organise, we also try to share some insights and wrap ups on this blog. Using a blog is in our opinion the best way to communicate our thoughts and ideas outside the IESE community and who knows reach out to potential speakers for our well-known Global Energy Day! Nevertheless, an other source of insightful of news is our LinkedIn page ! If you like it, don’t forget to refer the IESE Energy Club Blog to your friends and colleagues !

With time and dedication, we would love to grow this blog and help the entire community to contribute.Each one of us has different interests, it can be solar panels, as those seen during class cases, hydroelectric power, wind farm or even hybrid cars ! The main fundamental here is to have a technology-agnostic club. We promote all type of sources, no matter the impact it has on the environment, the economy or society. Climate Change is a world-wide challenge that is embraced by everyone, no matter the industry or the country.

Meeting SNAM: Leading Energy Operator

Last week we had an opportunity to meet the CEO and EVP Corporate Strategy & Investor Relations of SNAM: leading energy operator with market capitalization of €15bn. Previously owned by the Italian state, it has since become independent and expanded internationally.

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Leading the Energy Transition: Country Perspective

Imagine you are on the committee responsible for leading the energy transition in your country. What direction and steps would you recommend? This is one of the most important topics in our current leaders’ agenda because the decisions we are making today will have a massive impact in the global environment and the world’s population.

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Welcome Bulb Spain at IESE

Last week we were delighted to welcome Bulb Spain at IESE campus in Barcelona. Bulb is a 100% renewable energy supplier founded in the UK only 4 years ago. It has since been recognised as UK’s fastest-growing private company for second year running, acquired more than 1.6m customers, raised over £60m in venture capital and certified as a B-Corp. Spain is one of its first expansion markets, and we were lucky to meet some of the team to learn about the industry, disruption and their exciting growth plans.

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