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Welcome to the IESE Energy Club Blog !

Behind the IESE Energy Club, there is a group of passionate students willing to share their interest about the energy industry. In addition of the events we organise, we also try to share some insights and wrap ups on this blog. Using a blog is in our opinion the best way to communicate our thoughts and ideas outside the IESE community and who knows reach out to potential speakers for our well-known Global Energy Day! Nevertheless, an other source of insightful of news is our LinkedIn page ! If you like it, don’t forget to refer the IESE Energy Club Blog to your friends and colleagues !

With time and dedication, we would love to grow this blog and help the entire community to contribute.Each one of us has different interests, it can be solar panels, as those seen during class cases, hydroelectric power, wind farm or even hybrid cars ! The main fundamental here is to have a technology-agnostic club. We promote all type of sources, no matter the impact it has on the environment, the economy or society. Climate Change is a world-wide challenge that is embraced by everyone, no matter the industry or the country.

3D Energy Trends Explained

Three key trends steer the future of the global energy sector, and these are often abbreviated as 3D. In t his short article we provide an overview of what these 3D energy trends are, and how each contributes to industry transformation.

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Kenya’s ambitious energy projects – and what they mean for growth

IESE second year MBA students have recently returned from Africa where they learnt about Kenya’s Energy Projects. The country is at the forefront of renewable energy implementation, and set on its target to achieve the first breaks in mass usage of clean energy on the continent. The vast amount of untapped solar energy in a country that receives 8 – 11 hours of sunlight daily, has the largest wind farm in the continent, hydroelectric dams that contribute about 36% of the grid capacity and huge investments in ongoing geothermal projects, reveal natural energy sources yet untapped and the abundance economic growth that can be unlocked in the country.

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Oil and gas situation in East Africa

Some of our students went to Nairobi as part of IESE curriculum. They worked for a week on a consulting project focussed on the oil and gas situation in East Africa. We thought it would be useful to share what they have learnt about this market. When it comes to oil in Africa, most of the people think about Nigeria and Angola but there might be a new Eldorado…

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IESE Global Leadership Series: Carlota Pi, Holaluz

From bar conversation between three friends to recent IPOHolaluz has grown tremendously in its first decade of existence. Carlota Pi met her co-founders, Oriol Vila and Ferran Nogué, during their IESE Executive MBA, which Carlota describes as a transformative period in her development as a business leader. The classmates had firstdiscussed their goal of “connecting people to green energy.” Holaluz went public in November with a market cap of EUR 160 million. We were fortunate to hear Carlota speak at IESE last Friday to current MBAs during the Global Leadership Series.

Advisory board

Advisory Board

We all know that IESE Business School has many different professional and social clubs. This is very common amongst international business schools. It ranges from Consulting, Finance or Energy Clubs all the way to the Ski Club – if you’re lucky enough to live next to the mountains just like us – or the Wine Tasting Club – which would be very much needed at IESE and also extremely appreciated ! Compared to the others, the Energy Club is a bit different, especially with its Advisory Board.

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