Innovation at the Edge Podcast with Elemental Excelerator

Last week our corporate sponsor Schneider Electric shared their latest episode of Innovation at the Edge podcast. It is dedicated to bold ideas building a more sustainable and resilient world, and this time Emmanuel Lagarrigue introduced us to Dawn Lippert, CEO of Elemental Excelerator.

Elemental Excelerator is a non-profit start-up accelerator focused on disruptive ideas and ventures around climate change and social justice. They help 15 to 20 start-ups annually with up to 1M$ in funding each and to scale-up and connect to big players.

The idea was born in Hawaii given that the island had always been at the forefront of energy generation innovation, serving as the testing ground for breakthrough renewable technologies. Dawn explains:

“We realized we are going to need a lot of people, all rowing in the same direction like in a canoe to reach our global goals fast enough. This is why we are helping make the magic happen between start-ups and corporate.”

Dawn Lippert, CEO
Check out the full interview for more insights:

Elemental Excelerator receive over two thousand proposals annually through an open application. They help with funding, but more importantly, they help the startups reach their commercial inflection points. Elemental Excelerator analyse all aspects of the business – from operations and revenue to marketing – to perform deeper diligence which they call ‘equity in / equity out.’ They ensure the company embraces diversity and inclusiveness from within (equity in) and also in their supply chain and local communities (equity out). Finally, they connect them with large corporations and governments for proof-of-concept projects.

This focus is unique to Elemental, and as Emmanuel points out, “There is no way a large corporation can go through a meaningful ESG-focused transformation on its own. We need the entrepreneurs and companies like yours that connect us with them.” 

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