Meeting Nataliya Matyak: From IESE to Shell New Energies

Last week, we were thrilled to welcome Nataliya Matyak, IESE 2015 alum and Shell New Energies’ Business Development Manager, for an insightful discussion on her own journey into the sector and on the future of energy.

Nataliya’s Journey

Originally from Kazakhstan, Nataliya began her career in logistics and worked in several countries around Europe before coming to IESE in 2013.  Her path from IESE to Shell actually started with an internship at Amazon Germany and then four years as a strategy consultant at Accenture in Barcelona. Her time at Accenture opened the doors that eventually allowed her to shift to her true passion with Shell where she now works as a Business Development Manager in Shell New Energies, California. 

Although she faced much opposition, her determination in pursuing her ultimate goal showed attendees that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to. 

And now on Shell

Shell is currently set for an exciting new era, in which they are shifting from focus on oil & gas to becoming a more diversified energy company. Shell’s vision to power progress with more and cleaner energy solutions has resulted in the launch of Shell New Energies. This division aims to promote the use of renewable energies such as solar, hydrogen and wind, together with an ambitious plan for Electrical Vehicle Mobility.  

Nataliya demonstrated Shell’s growth and current presence worldwide in the renewable energy sector, where Shell is investing up to 2 billion dollars a year in clean energy solutions. In the electrical mobility sector, Shell’s New Motion currently provides the largest network in homes and businesses across Western Europe.  

Nataliya also introduced us to Shell Ventures. Shell Ventures works with early-stage startups to boost their scale and growth phases, to help develop disrupting ideas in Shell’s areas of interest. They focus primarily on power, resources, fuels and mobility and multi-industry solutions. 

Finally, she let us in on her vision of the general electrical mobility realm. She believes it is one of the fastest growing industries and one of the sectors where MBA alumni can find endless opportunities for exciting careers in the near future. 

Visit their website to learn more at

Nataliya’s determination and candidness surely inspired us all in this insightful session. We enjoyed it immensely and hope to welcome her again soon at IESE.  

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