Meeting SNAM: Leading Energy Operator

Last week we had an opportunity to meet the CEO and EVP Corporate Strategy & Investor Relations of SNAM: leading energy operator with market capitalization of €15bn. Previously owned by the Italian state, it has since become independent and expanded internationally.

SNAM’s core business is transportation, storage and regasification of natural gas. Natural gas is the cleanest of fossil fuels and has an important role to play in the transition to our energy future. In addition, SNAM is investing a total of €6.5bn to accelerate this shift and expand its footprint in new innovative technologies such as hydrogen, sustainable mobility, and many others.

By the time we met Marco Alverà (CEO) and Camilla Palladino (EVP Corporate Strategy & IR), our class had already learnt about SNAM’s history and strategic journey. As a result, the conversation was richer and more insightful. For example, we discussed leadership in a regulated sector and being an established incumbent in a fast-changing market. Quite apart from the energy discussion, we also appreciated the open and straight-forward career advice from such experienced industry leaders.

Thank you Marco and Camilla for your time and insight, and Massimo for organising such an inspiring session.